Acknowledged Degree

Our degrees are highly respected all over the world by colleges, bliblical schools and ministries.

The following Courses are offered at CMTI:


Certificate in Biblical Studies

Certificate in Ministry

Certificate in Missions and Theology

Diploma in Biblical Studies

Diploma in Ministry

Diploma in Missions and Theology

Bachelor of Missiology

Bachelor of Missions and Theology

Bachelor of Divinity

Bachelor of Biblical Studies (BBS)

Bachelor of Ministry (B.Min.)

Bachelor in Church Growth and Evangelism

Master of Biblical Studies (MBS)

Master of Ministry (M.Min.)

Master of Missions and Theology

Doctor of Biblical Studies (DBS)

Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)

Doctor of Missions and Theology



Please be considerate of your Instructors and allow them a minimum of (fourteen) 14 working days to grade your essay or thesis and to respond to your work.

Remember, the tuition is FREE; however, there are costs associated with each degree program ( Diplomas, Certificate, and Transcripts) therefore the Institute needs to recover its costs through a minimum donation of:

5,000NGN($15 US ) for each Certificate Programs

10,000NGN ($30 US for each Diploma/ Advanced Diploma Programme

18,000UNGN ($50 US) for each Bachelor Programs

25,000NGN ($70 US) for each Master Programs

30,000NGN ($85 US) for each Doctorate Programs

Higher education such as what CMTI offers requires discipline, dedication, focus, and working with your Instructor and the guidelines set out for every Student.