Accreditation By Government

Accreditation is a totally voluntary process, and it is not compulsory or mandatory for Missionary School, Bible Colleges and Seminaries that operate without government or federal funds. Since we have chosen not to seek or receive any government funds, we have taken a totally independent and biblical stand in these matters which is explained below.

CMTI has been established by a man who is committed, theologically conservative, Bible believing, Christians to impart high quality spiritual, bible-based, theological education and training to Christians worldwide.

The purpose of such training in Bible and theology is personal spiritual enrichment and also equipping of born-again Christians for spiritual ministry.

The man of God that established the free Missions and  theological training programs at CMTI strongly feels that no external agency (especially government) should be allowed to regulate or control Bible-based spiritual activities. Thus, we have never sought accreditation by  government agencies.

Contrary to popular belief, Accreditation of a theological institution is not based upon quality of spiritual instruction alone. Rather, a large number of other factors are also taken into consideration. Most people who examine such things (for granting accreditation) may not be conservative Christians. Many of them may not even be born-again. Thus they often may demand that the syllabus conform to their policies and doctrinal position.

As a result CMTI might have to compromise on its Missiological stand in many areas if we opt for accreditation by government. Moreover, we firmly believe that secular governments have NO jurisdiction to examine/accredit bible-based theological programmes. That is the reason why we wish to operate without government accreditation.

Many people think that studying an accredited programme will increase their job-prospects. Such people should notice that CMTI is not meant for theological training for the sake of getting jobs. Applicants whose primary purpose is to seek a job after their studies should look elsewhere for a Bible Seminary that trains people for jobs and should not look to CMTI to meet such a requirement. That is simply not part of our mission or vision.

CMTI is here to train people who are looking for spiritual self-enrichment and also for those who wish to use such a formal training in Bible, Missions and Theology for Christian ministry-related purposes. Such people look for spiritual quality of instruction and not for government accreditation of biblical and theological training programs.

What is more, it is a wrong notion that all accredited institutions maintain spiritual quality. On the contrary, you need to know that ALL theologically radical and liberal Bible seminaries worldwide tend to be accredited. This means that accreditation is not the same as spiritual quality. With that made clear, let us took at how CMTI maintains its quality.

We have built a system of multiple checks-and-balances to ensure that CMTI maintains the highest possible spiritual, theological, and academic quality. This includes a strong Statement of Doctrine, regular review of the syllabus, and also a very large independent Ministry leaders made up of faculty members and graduates who keep assessing CMTI quality on a periodic basis. This feedback is analyzed periodically by the core group so as to ensure that quality is maintained. Thus you can be assured that we will always maintain the highest spiritual, biblical, and academic quality at any cost. What is more, all CMTI programs shall remain totally free of tuition fees.

Summary: Join CMTI only if your primary interest is in Missions, theological/biblical instruction. If you wish anything more than that [such as a government job, any other kind of job, government scholarship] then CMTI is not the right institution. Bear this clearly in mind before you apply. What is more, since no institution can unconditionally guarantee acceptance of their degree by other institutions worldwide, CMTI offers no such guarantee. We guarantee only an international-quality Missiological,  theological/biblical training.